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Үнэнч хөдөлмөрөөр олсон мөнгөө яаж өсгөж, үржүүлж, тордож, эрсдэлээс хамгаалж, насан туршийн баялагтай болох аргаа мэдэж байгаа юу? Дэлхийн аль ч улс орноос банк санхүү, хууль эрх зүйн аюулгүй байдалд хөрөнгө оруулалт хийж болох тайван тухтай сэтгэл хангалуун амьдрах гарцыг хайж байгаа бол та зөв газар иржээ. БАЯН ХӨРӨНГӨ ОРУУЛАГЧ болоход тусласан нууц аргуудаа танд заахаар шийдлээ... Би мөнгөтэй болж үзсэн, бас юм мэдэхгүйгээс болж мөнгөө алдаж ч үзсэн. Хөрөнгө оруулагч хүн эцсийн эцэст юу тарина, тэрийгээ л хураадаг юм билээ. 



Monica Batsukh

Personal & Business Performance Coach, 

Founder and CEO of Challenges vs Opportunities Ltd 

and Coaching Academy in Mongolia

I was born and grew up in Mongolia, with only over 3 million population speaking the Mongolian language. Mongolia is located between Russia and China, and we, as children, used to feel isolated from the rest of the world because of our language barriers. Not speaking English made it hard to understand the rest of the world, communicating with other countries seemed to be near impossible. 

My father was a teacher in high school, he had a very disciplined approach. He was a respected member of our local community, however much he tried his best, he was still lacking the education level he believed, he was lacking the level of a practical approach, due to his language barriers to communicate with the rest of the world.

I knew he had many problems in his personal life, it was riddled with: financial problems, confidence issues, and communication challenges. It broke my heart to watch my father struggle living in poverty just because he didn’t have a better education. No one really taught him how to solve these personal challenges, people around him were living in even worse conditions. We admit that poverty is endemic, people are making bad choices because they don’t know any better, not many people out there are teaching better. I was dying to find a solution in these environments. These people need help! 

All I could think was how to get the best education possible to advance my knowledge, I was awarded a scholarship opportunity to study in a university in Beijing, China, I certainly was proud of my achievement, I got it through my hard work and dedication to learning. It felt great at the time but it still was not enough. After my graduation I went back to my country, things appeared to be the same, I still didn’t have enough knowledge and expertise to make things better. 

In 2002 when my father left the world without having any solution, I felt useless, empty, and hollow. These sad days and months, made me question many things I do, I did… my father did and did not do… What could we do differently for the future? I am sure no one is destined to live without any opportunities to live a better life. . 


Challenges vs Opportunities


The following year of my father passing, I was determined to find those Opportunities to solve Challenges caused by poverty. I moved to the UK, started to deal with all the impossibles thrown at me due to the lack of language barriers as well as many other challenges. It took me a decade to figure out all of these problems to land on solutions. I felt like I can breathe for the first time in my life, it started to transform into a new life. My huge discovery of opportunities came through my coaching training, in both personal and business areas. I enjoyed every bit of my growth as a person, many dreams I believed impossible became part of my reality today. I felt like I escaped poverty through education and entrepreneurship, I had landed on vast opportunities to create something unique and meaningful in my country. 

In 2012, my first breakthrough came through writing a book titled “Challenges vs Opportunities” in Mongolian language. This word spoke true to my heart, desire to make a difference. Just a year before that was written, I had experienced my biggest loss, my mother, my business partner, my first ever coaching client, who believed in me and who helped me solve many puzzles had just left me forever. I was left with desperation to break out of these challenging times. The challenges seemed they were never going to leave me, swirling around one after another. My father’s sage voice reminded me to move forward toward my purpose.

There I was, it felt right to continue my deep research on Challenges vs Opportunities. It was the best decision I made for my coaching career. I shared my thoughts on our mindset on how looking at challenges can be the clue to open the opportunities for living a better life. Educating ourselves on a mindset full of opportunities, so we all live the life of abundance. Ever since I have written that book I have received many many amazing readers connected with, wanting to learn more and letting themselves be led by the journey of tackling bigger poverty issues in Mongolia. The journey itself is so inspiring I can’t tell you enough about it. 

So much joy and satisfaction I had through connecting with right minded people. I have founded two businesses to lead the mission and connect dots between opportunities. We have events and podcasts series on the topic of Challenges vs Opportunities. Our ambassadors. consultants, mentors act as angels to spread magical opportunities. Our social followings and email lists are growing day by day. I’m so inspired to lead this movement, I’m learning hugely from my amazing friends, global coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs. 

The reason I am writing to you today is, again for this cause, I’m welcoming you to contact me for sharing your knowledge, expertise, education, and the entrepreneurship journey to my country, so we can make a difference together solving poverty problems in Mongolia. 

We have a platform for educators and entrepreneurs, who would love to learn from you. 

I am happy to invite you to be a guest in my training, webinars, and podcasts. Please share your most precious purpose of living… Whatever you do, why you do, how you do things, there is so much we can do together… 


Lots of love, 


Tel: 00447912380805

Email: [email protected]


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